1969 Buick Electra Custom 225 Convertible




The first owners of this car babied it in a garage for 21 years and only put 59k miles on it.  My father always admired this car and wanted me to have so I have recently inherited it after it was stored for 16 years in my grandfather's concrete-floored barn in Ohio.  He built an enclosed, window-less room just for the Electra.  The result is a survivor in amazing condition.  The white walls don't even have many spider-web cracks in them!  Other than the exhaust, there is no serious rust, and that is now replaced.

It's now out here with me in Colorado and I've prepped it for road use again!  So I've now gone from a 4 cylinder putting AWD, 3200 lb car "new technology" car to a 7.0L V8 rear-wheel drive "old school" ride.  Quite the change!

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Initial Shop Visit: 59640 miles, 2006/02/23-2006/03/02, Pro Street Performance

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